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@NEWSMAX Couldn't we shoot in down with bullets, like a couple of burst from a Warthog..??! Or... did we give all our bullets to Ukraine..?

@secretsqrl123 #Ukraine #Defense #Air Considering the needs, I still do not understand why A-10 Warthog are not in the discussion yet. This aircraft has been precisely designed for the purpose of counter a soviet tank offensive. https://t.co/NG9cuRTAXi

Why don’t the west give Ukraine planes like the warthog a tank buster

@ArmedMaidan A quick in and out by a Warthog and the Ukraine boys would have had a good night's rest.

Send the A 10 Warthog to the Ukraine , better than the F16 and cheaper https://t.co/CFnXFiXgGS

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