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Joe Biden has wasted $1 Trillion of US Taxpayers Money Protecting Ukraine in it's War against Russia, in the Last 21/2 Years; instead of Attending to his Lawful Duties, for which he was Elected. Furthermore, he has Failed Miserably to Carry Out all of his Ridiculous Adventures.

@FoxNews Instead of Sending tax dollars to Ukraine lets just send the military aged men crossing the border to Ukraine. This will help win the War against Russia and alleviate the border crisis. We will had out many metals to the survivors and hero's upon victory. Slava Ukraniaisms

Using Military Force against the Drug Cartels would only make them stronger fucking dunce These people want to shift the funds to keep the Ukraine Proxy War going to going to War with Mexico & China most unserious people on planet earth

Not to get wistful, but I had both brilliant students and wonderful colleagues at Warwick, which I will definitely miss, but I am also looking forward to a new challenge at Queen Mary. We finished our War in the 21st Century module today with a discussion of the Russo-Ukraine War https://t.co/Z4b3M09ZFi

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