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@JackpotWinner1 @DrGJackBrown Maybe those who say similar should actually take time to read bill. Why would a hurricane relief bill have billions for Ukraine? Less for FL?Why would a Veterans bill also have same. Less money for both but sure...let's get mad at Republicans for voting against it.

@RTS103 @KJohns20234476 @AgueroForTexas How do you feel about politicians voting no on expanding healthcare and food benefits for Veterans? How do you feel about politicians saying to abolish the VA? This country allocates funds to different aspects, NASA gets less than 1% of that funding. Ukraine funding is fine.

More on the same theme: From the channel "Letters from Veterans" ... I have no doubt that the non-state of Ukraine will be destroyed. Now the question is the price. The faster the purges take place, the lower this price will be

Trudeau has pretty much given a blank cheque to Ukraine as well as arming and training their Azov Nazis, yet not too long ago he said “Veterans are asking for more than we are able to give right now” #cdnpoli

@catturd2 I’m tired and fed up. Ukraine gets billions monthly while America’s citizens and Veterans sleep on the streets. Good morning @catturd2 and thank you for being stronger than me 😫

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