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@krides @TwitterSupport @dim0kq @dzygaspaw @TwitterSupport, please unblock @dim0kq, he is a prominent Ukrainian volunteer, and without his Twitter account, he won't be able to help our defenders. His work in @dzygaspaw saves lives here in Ukraine. Please consider unblocking him.

You need to tell Elon Musk that - as the 🤡 CEO of #Twitter is going out of his way to promote the blindingly obvious Russian fake news you refer to. Fake news solely designed to damage #Ukraine & NATO.

@tobirothi @flightradar24 They sent teams like everyone else, lots of info about this on Twitter. The difference is the others are helping while NOT bombing Ukraine at the same time, so Russia’s good deed doesn’t really redeem them, but every team on the ground is much needed, so good they are helping.

BEWARE PUTIN🤪 Newsweek Story by Ellie Cook Canadian defense minister, Anita Anand, published an image of a Leopard 2 tank arriving in eastern Europe. "Alongside our allies, we'll soon be training the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the use of this equipment," she wrote on Twitter.

Getting away from my tights for a moment - I see that Twitter has ceased talking about the Russia-Ukraine war. In fact the general MSM has all gone rather quiet of late. I can only assume this means that Russia is winning it ?

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