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@ConsPatriots He didn’t. The entire 2020 election was nothing more than a corrupt lie! Trump was getting too close to uncovering major Government corruption and they couldn’t allow him to get a second term. Including the BioLabs in Ukraine, that’s why Trump’s call with Zalenski scared them!

@mehdirhasan @tiktok_us the "surprise" Christmas trip, Huckabee described, was a DISASTER that flies in the face of Trump's claims that he is a master of foreign policy (that wars in Ukraine would magically stop and China would magically bow to the US if he were in office)

Last year, days after Russia launched its invasion, POTUS was rallying Americans the West to stand with Ukraine and the liberal world order in Trump’s wake. That daunting task was successful, and now he needs to keep it going — but without starting from scratch.

@crehage @Biz_Ukraine_Mag Trump is FOREVER A BULLSHIT ARTIST! Trump didn't achieve PEACE ON KOREAN PENINSULA so Trump's not going to get peace in Ukraine on terms that are acceptable to Ukraine. I'm sick of Trump's self-promoting lies and his selfish self-aggrandizement. Trump is Putin's bitch < THE END.

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