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@MinksJohnson @MFA_China Russian government is leading the country to its ruin. In Ukraine, they have killed and tortured more than 100.000 people. It must stop. If not, NATO could intervene and distroy all the marine float of the Black Sea and military bases located on occupied oblast of Ukraine.

@Shortcircuit055 @TheMiddlePlace3 @DefensePolitics Fine, then by Ukraine's reckoning, less than half the initial invasion force is holding 20% of the country, or 116,000 square kilometers and the Black Sea. DAYUM! What does that say about Ukraine, w/ 44 million people? How they gonna handle hundreds of thousands more?

NOT ACCORDING TO THIS MAP! Ukraine is currently trying to protect Odesa and the Black Sea from an immanent Russian attack! Trying to keep people pro-war by giving them misleading info is a serious problem!

@ThreshedThought Putin tore up the agreement on basing the Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol when Crimea was annexed. So if Crimea is taken by Ukraine there is no ongoing agreement. Putin will have to move his ships, if there are any left floating.

Jeffrey Sachs: neocons in the 90s oversaw the expansion of #NATO to help form their unipolar world. Then Bush 2nd in 2008 spoke of bringing in #Ukraine and Georgia to contain #Russia at the Black Sea.

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