scam - Ukraine Tweets

@MSNBC Hey how about hinter labtop the non binary club shooter or the crypto democrat SCAM laundering money through Ukraine. Huh how about focus on those stories

@unusual_whales Ukraine is a Democrat money laundering SCAM!!

#Ukraine #Russia #SCAM @YobitExchange How many hours has it been @AdlainSapungan since you last tried scamming someone? Withdrawal symptoms must be hard on your body? #Yobit @YobitOfficial1 – do you regret having scammed me now?

American weapons are reaching its exhaustive limits via @YouTube COST doesn’t always equal BENEFIT. #Ukraine war has exposed to 🌎 the US TRILLION$ MIC profit SCAM. #Russia MIC built on “Performance and Quality”, the US MIC is built on “Profit and Greed.”

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