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@bollarbast @Tendar It only gets more dangerous when russia thinks it can still gain something by raising the stakes, like starting a huge wave of mobilization on the hopes that Ukraine will be abandoned by the West if the war lasts too long.

@elonmusk @mtaibbi @MotherJones well @elonmusk will somebody at twitter block state sponsor of terrorism official russia accounts? they spread false propaganda and now thousand of innocent civilians in Ukraine are dead.

#Ukraine #war #weapons ATACMS seems to be barred from fear of enabling attacks deep into Russia. But what about the SAAB-Boeing 150 km range GLSDB ? - is it still sceduled for this spring? or would there be any thinkable reason for not delivering those?

@SenatorRomney Funding or sending equipment will fuel Russia to have no choice but to strike out at NATO countries. This is not being thought through to understand that Russia will have no choice. You war mongers will get us all killed. Russia won't level Ukraine, but he will hit NATO cities.

@SenTomCotton As soon as those tanks enter Ukraine Russia will destroy them.

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