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@Alfreddezayas False, there were 5 “peace talks” with Russia before they ignored all of them and started this war. Let me put it in simple terms, as you seem to know very little. To stop the war, Russia needs to stop firing at Ukraine and go back home

Russians hid truth of Holodomor. Jones warned us. NYT printed Orwellian lies. Good Ukraine movie! Stalin caused massive starvation in Ukraine. Today, Ukrainians are once again forced into camps in Russia, & evil, Russian LIES circulate widely.

@shashj @DrUlrichKuehn Same analysis that gave us Russia won’t invade & Ukraine can’t resist the might of the Russian military & Iraq has WMDs. Color me unconvinced

@Kwizikl @aaronjmate Ukraine and Russia agreed to a peace deal back in April. Of course this agreement didn't cover everything but it would've ended the current direct conflict.

Russian People “There shall be catastrophic consequences for Russia if Putin uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine” - warned US National Security Advisor to Pres. Biden

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