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Every single one of these DC GOP Senate Republicans coming out and attacking Ron DeSantis (@marcorubio, @LindseyGrahamSC @JohnCornyn) on Ukraine foreign policy can go 🖕🏾 themselves. You are how we got someone like Trump in 2016 in the first place.

@JohnBurrowsCA @RepSwalwell We know that Democrats & some Republicans put Ukraine before our own citizens and country. Obviously. It's one of the myriad reasons you suck.

@wordlikes And some Republicans say it's between Russia & Ukraine, not our business. Ugh!

@NikkiFried DeSantis' statement on Ukraine was a dog whistle telling Putin to just hang in there and we will let you have your prize when Republicans are in charge of Washington. His statement has damaged and weakened the US on the world stage in ways beyond his comprehension.

@The_JL_Podcast @JackPosobiec Sorry, if you have a Ukraine flag in your bio or have ever said “I stand with Ukraine” then you’re on the front lines for this one my friend. Once the Russian land on American soil, then the Republicans will step in and clutch the W

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