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The share of Americans who say the U.S. is providing too much support to Ukraine has grown. This shift in opinion is mostly attributable to the growing share of Republicans who hold this view.

@DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump Hey @cnnpolitics can we connect the dots on how republicans are replacing “build a wall” with “build a war” and aping Putin’s Ukraine playbook for trump with a relentless fear-mongering campaign that conflates immigrants with enemies and nationalism with rejection of Ukraine aid?

Ukraine, a Trump campaigner has said as the ex-Prime Minister prepares to meet with Republicans stateside. Johnson has shown steadfast support to the ex-Soviet state throughout the last 12 months, including since he was ousted from Number 10 last September.

@RepJeffries Translation: we will continue to blame republicans for the financial mess created by our sworn allegiance to lying to the American people regarding Ukraine.

@RepJeffries There isn't any money left in SS or Medicare. Democrats + Republicans poor spending habits either spent in their trillion $ bills or gave it to Ukraine. Your just deflecting now because you know its all gone.

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