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@fungal_22 Soros= DEEP STATE w/Klaus Schwab, CIA, Bilderberg Group, WEF, Key Republicans (like Nixon, John McCain), Defence Industry, Bushes, Chennys & Leon Panetta are responsible for most Coups vs World Leaders the last 70 yrs w/ Mossadegh-Iran to Ukraine for OIL!

@mattgaetz Ukraine, get ride of your nukes, then NATO and the US will offer protection if Russia crosses your borders. Republicans, Donald Trump’s election ally Putin doesn't want our interference and Republicans need him so....bla, bla Blass goes Matt

@MikeMeservy @POTUS I haven’t heard Republicans articulated on how are they going to inflation, food, war in Ukraine, fuel, and etc. What are the plans. Amazing, how can a part run with no foundation? What’s amazing trump was elected without a platform. How can this happened ? No direction?

@robotelon @DailyMail @TwitterSafety helped Ukraine by supporting republicans? there is nobody on the planet more valuable to putin than elon

This #4thOfJuly, a reminder that Trump, again colluded with Putin to get reinstalled in 2020. This time, Republicans wittingly worked with Russian intelligence, to support the effort. Putin’s most important battle in Ukraine is the midterms in America.

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