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@NewstalkFM Here’s the question. Why welcome refugees? Just send the same money we’re sending to “Ukraine” to the Refugee countries to make them “good”. This is all a plan to destroy individual country’s cultures, and make it a blended world culture which is easier to control.

So it begins . Ireland debt burden amongst per Capita in the World as ECB head delivers warnings. With No limits on Refugee numbers the outlook with the War in Ukraine being long term is very bleak. #Dàil #Dublin #Ireland

@Lyla_lilas Every Nation in history has become a Refugee and may again in the future. We protect refugees. But the Rich Countries of the World do not want Refugees. But he constantly criticizes countries like us. You may not like the Turks, but I love Ukraine. 🇹🇷❤️🇺🇦

Refugee says Canada deporting him so Russia can force him to fight against Ukraine via @nationalpost

Nobody has mentioned why is the Irish Government supporting the warmongers in Brussels & Washington in the Proxy War in Ukraine instead of demanding peace which would help solve the Refugee crisis. @RTEUpfront #RTEUpfront Join us at 1pm, February 25th to demand Peace #AntiWar

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