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@TimothyDSnyder With America and a united NATO. Money, Weapons, Ammo, Intel, etc. have poured into Ukraine. PUTIN'S Russia has continuously threatened the use of NUCLEAR WEAPONS. It takes courage from the EU, BRITAIN, AUSTRALIA, NORWAY, SWEDEN, DENMARK, & SWITZERLAND.

@MsAvaArmstrong 😬Starting a War with Russia.That could easily turn into World War III. AS both sides have threaten to fire Nuclear weapon😬 The Biden admin., is willing to have our young, fight and die. Because they don't want Ukraine and Russia to have a peace deal🤨🤔

@MrKRudd Russia and the U.S have no use for 'Hail Mary' weapons like Nuclear devices, thank you digital era. Ukraine got greedy when they broke the Minsk deal and they were never going to get away with bombing west UKR, something had to give.

@blackintheempir Nuclear superpower Russia, twice the size of the US. Conflict-drained Ukraine, the size of Texas alone. Russia is essentially holding back an attempted Western invasion, with a keen focus on minimizing loss of lives.

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