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@stillchallenge @MacaesBruno if you're talking about using Nuclear then Putin wont be able to end it on his terms cause it will be WORSE..common sense if Putin uses Nukes, Ukraine get's Nukes and then Russia death rates will be higher and Nato get's involved and war ends in Russia defeat anyway. lol

@olgatokariuk The sad thing here is even if Russia will use Nuclear Bomb on Ukraine the West or NATO will do nothing to end Putin and Russia with its Nuclear Power. Russia needs to be disarm of Nuclear power.

@Oksii_R @krishanuadak4 @ManishKrishnia @rayanhutchinson @TheInfusion100 @sidhant Whatever happening with Ukraine or Ukrainians shouldn't have happened and it's wrong,but the only reason india isn't supporting Ukraine is because Ukraine has always Took Pakistan's stand in UN on kashmir issue and they were also the biggest critic of our Nuclear program

@piersmorgan In the end, as it is unpalatable, we need to say we all will die for Ukraine because if Putin launches just one Nuclear weapon, that's what it will be. That's not to say we shouldn't stand up to Putin, but that's the price we might pay

@axios Peace, peace & Peace plz Whatever Ukraine or West say, its reality that deterrence, Nuclear Umbrella, has its own very loud&clear meanings. In this regard Ukraine shld realise it very well that at the Nukes warning no one from its Nuclear Allies(USA. UK, or France) will help him

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