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BANG! Let's kick off a terrific September of charity (early) with an auction for this sweet @jsky_crypto and @TAYL0RWTF work. 100% of the sale price goes to charities helping #Ukraine. (See pinned tweet). Get them bones! #charity #NFTart

Just took a peek at the opening of the Ukraine Gallery, and listened to a discussion of prominent Ukrainian artists. They got some amazing #NFTart there which will leave you thinking 🤔😱 Click here to explore: @CryptoArtUa @maryanaDCL #Decentraland #DCL

#war #nft #NFT_art Hello When the war will end, there will be freedom not only for Ukraine and for those who took the land.

2. World's first #NFTart created using @Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet goes on sale to raise funds for war victims in Ukraine #TransFi

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