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Russia sacrificing mercenary forces as 'live meat' after Wagner Group warlord loses 'Putin's trust' #FoxNews FOX has joined CNN in pushing FAKE NEWS. War in Ukraine is Biden's war to divert attention away from his crooked deals with China

This HAS to be FAKE NEWS. Only Nazis would do something as horrendous as this. And as I’ve been told many many times, there are NO Nazis in Ukraine

@nytimes This is definitely FAKE NEWS. Russia is annihilating the Nazis. The Russians also have a lot of info and captured people connected to the 40 something biolabs in Ukraine.They have been presenting this info to the UN. The UN is ignoring them. Wonder why?

Broadcast an edited interview to take side is not reporting news! It is making FAKE NEWS! #FOXFAKENEWS #FakeNewsByFox #FoxLies Fox News edits out Trump saying he would have let Russia 'take over' portions of Ukraine: report

@TimRunsHisMouth 🔥 Bucha, Izyum, Kupyansk ⚠️ Facts only, fighting FAKE NEWS - NAZI WAR CRIMES, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY -->>… - Operation Ukraine: NAZI Crimes without Punishment / 2022 --->>>> P

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