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@ChinaCovid666 @EraMertyn @LvivJournal War criminal Putin's 'Russia' is small and running out of vatniks to force into the Ukraine, so they kidnap Asians who remain locked into the 'RF'. Russia is both Nazi in her actions and neo-Soviet in their Kremlin TV and brainwashing children. What's with the 'hey stupid'?

@Graham4GA @angela4LNCChair @GGarrett2000 @LPNational @LPNH Let's focus on some asserted anti-Semitism, not the people whose money was stolen, the tax payer money to Ukraine, then to FTX, than to the Democratic party (and other neo-Soviet causes).

Putin is attempting to regroup forces to achieve his imperialistic goal of crushing and destroying Ukraine. Western nations must clearly block Putin by empowering democratic Ukraine’s struggle to overwhelm and expel their neosoviet invaders.

#Putin must be stopped! The continuing slaughter of the people of #Ukraine & #Russia is criminal! The neo-Soviet state is a threat to the free world. #RussiaIsNotOurFriend #UkraineRussiaWar #PutinWarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity #Belgorod #Poseidon

@LangmanVince He is an ass. But Ukraine needs to be helped. You want the Neo-Soviet pieces of shit to get it?

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