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@CuCuDeCuaCua @DMokryk @nytimes It’s well documented that Nazis were and are ingrained in every level of government in Ukraine since 2014. That’s just a fact. It’s been well documented that this was a problem for some time. They even had Nazi summer camps. They targeted ethnic Russians for 8 years straight.

@GJDems22 @TomiLahren Says the person supporting the Nazi party in Ukraine 🤣😂😂🤣

@HillardFoster The the thing is, Ukraine definitely has a twisted history. Nazi worship could be organic there.

@21stCenturyWire No there is no nazi no fascism in Ukraine. Just a Shopping mall in Kyiv, nothing to see there

@DashingDownward @GeorgeTakei With wisdom and caution, friend. I see you support Ukraine which is an authoritarian, and part nazi, state. That said what is your formula for 'try to do better'. I'm sensing a loaded question. Whose version of better?!?

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