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@GattoLugano @apmassaro3 Escalation of what? Nazi Russia invaded a free democratic country, if you want peace ask Russia to withdraw from Ukraine.

@bestofchastains russia has been occupying Ukrainian territories and torturing and killing Ukrainians since 2014. Do I really need to remind all of you what kind of "attention" we received ? Hint, the whole world were eating russian propaganda about "Nazi Ukraine!!!" 🫰

How a Network of Nazi Propagandists Helped Lay the Groundwork for the War in Ukraine

@ed97554968 @SweatyMollusk @Insurr3ctionist @DefenceU That’s not the discussion in this thread but their decision is probably based on the bombing of civilians in the Donbas for 8 years. My point is in the human rights violations by Ukraine and open nazi ideology should prevent them from the olympics .

Only today, with millions of #zombies in the world tx to the #McDonalds's, #Internet,#drugs, #TV programs,#press #lies ,one can believe a soldier with a #Nazi #Swastica tattoed on his arm, is a #freedom fighter who defends democracy. This one is based in #Ukraine️. 😆 🤣 😂 😹

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