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@3vil_Aces @dspondike @AP Any comment on the negative coverage of Azov and other military units before Putin's invasion? For the record, even mainstream news realized they had a massive nazi issue. Plenty of realization that Ukraine was the most corrupt country in Europe.

@WBCBaseball The west is very hypocrite about sports and politics ! They outlaw Russia and support Nazi Ukraine ; and say nothing in regard to a 74 criminal Israeli occupation ! They are morally bankrupt ...

Roger Waters Says He’s on Ukraine “Kill List,” Calls Evidence of Russian War Crimes “Lies” "I’m on the fucking list and they’ve killed people recently” Apparently he didn’t get the memo there are no Nazi in Ukraine because @ZelenskyyUa is Jewish #Tucker

@MadeInTheUSANJ @DonaldJTrumpJr Was that when the media and the world called Ukraine europe most corrupt country with a neo nazi problem?

In the words of the Ukrainian President himself. Ukraine will join NATO and become “America’s henchman.” @ZelenskyyUa adds his satirical thoughts on the Nazi problem as well. I think he later made a deal with the 🇺🇸 😈

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