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@shada_triduc @mikedthornton @joncoopertweets Zelenskyy is a threat to Ukraine, the US and the world. Instability in the Black Sea and Middle East is a threat to US security. China and Russia In alliance is a threat to U.S. security. 20% of Ukraine that seceded voluntarily is not a threat to US security. But this war is.…

@chrisambr @chriswithans @RachelBitecofer Wow. Trump signed a deal to remove soldiers by May, and yet our soldiers were bombed in August. Biden set the withdrawal. Trump signed the first Middle East peace deal in 40 years. Obama/Biden refused ALL military aid to Ukraine. Trump was the first to actually provide it.

@StaceyLE @vamelina @RodKoch7 It never worked when the US tried to force democracy on Cuba, & it didn't work very well forcing democracy on the Middle East either. Most of Ukraine are really pleased with the idea, but some, after the Maidan revolution, especially in Crimea, made a very clear vote for Russia.

Sold their souls fraud money laundering deal with the devil!! they have so much dirt on the Bidens Obamas Clintons the Bushes that's why!! Middle East Ukraine against Russia, China Taiwan!! It's being organized and orchestrated by the illuminati’s Central Bankers!!!

I'd expect even a dying empire to keep track of important stuff like it's people's freedom and democracy. Just in my life they've ended up in Latin America, the middle east, Yugoslavia, Africa and now Ukraine. Someone put a cowbell on those darn things!

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