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@greencate but there is enough money to send to Ukraine & return terrorists from the Middle East.....

@mtracey How, after GWOT, Russia thought they could just walk in and conquer Ukraine without radicalizing enemies, is beyond me. If we were talking about Islamic jihad, you’d say SVBIEDs were a product of failed US Middle East policy right? Well, blame Russia’s Ukraine policy for this.

@aaronjmate I believe the United States wants Europe, Ukraine , Russia, Middle East and ChinaThen we’d move there and rebuild. #CNN_lies They lie to our faces!! #VoteThemAllOut2022 #PeacenotWar #Oligarchswantusdead

@singler_w @HouseGOP @newtgingrich Yeah you're right. Lets let Putin have Ukraine. Then, when North Korea threatens to nuke Japan, lets give them south Korea, and China Taiwan, and Iran the whole middle east, and then Putin again, cause he got away with it once. Lets set a nice precedence for nuclear blackmail!

@K1Levandovskaya @SCarter72291804 @EnoughAll678 @Obsoleteexp @TammieMcDonal17 @ZelenskyyUa @POTUS You have american veterans in Ukraine seeking something better than what wr gave them with the middle east expansion. They're brothers died with no glory nor honor. They arent there for Ukraine. Do NOT pretend to know what our soldiers or veterans feel.

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