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@tasha_tak @elonmusk @MarinaMedvin @DavidSacks Ukraine is Corrupt and the corruption didn’t go away when Putin invaded. I didn’t know Democracy’s allow Presidents to dissolve competing Political Parties, close Media companies that disagree with his views and made it Mandatory that All men between 18 - 65 had to stay & fight.

Media report Ukraine is making huge gains on land Putin annexed. Putin has activated and is training 300,000 men to retake Ukraine. If necessary Putin threatened to use Nuclear Weapons. We are sitting on entering a war in Europe. Republican MAGA’s are trying to end Democracy here

Ever get the feeling the media is trying to scare people intentionally? Media makes bad situations worse. Didn't take them long to get this one rolling (no pun intended). Nuclear doom train heading to Ukraine. Putin's going off the rails on a crazy train🎸

@spyder_summers @man_versus_fly @DavidGiglioCA @BillyBaldwin Ukraine is the best example of how easily media manipulate people. 2012: Romney warns Obama in debate that Russia will invade. Media mocks Romney. 2014: Russia invades Ukraine. Obama does nothing. Media says it’s non-issue.

@elonmusk Quit making up sh$t @elonmusk /The Media. August 24, 1991 Ukraine became independent. The soviet Union no longer exists. Pull your head out! The Media/@elonmusk This isn’t about Russia it’s about a terrorist dictator hospital bomber Putin. He is not the Russian people!

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