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@Jeffery53767000 @maria_drutska Thats a unrealistic negotiation because neither Ukraine and westerners have the medium to force Putin withdraw from Ukraine. Zelenski should give Crimea,Dombass and Lugansk exchange Nato, UE membership. This is gonna be a stab in Putin's heart lose his puppet state like Ukraine.

An Amnesty International report has confirmed that war crimes including abductions, executions & extortion were committed by the Ukrainian Aidar battalion in Lugansk region, eastern Ukraine, an official from Russia’s Foreign Ministry says.

@DefenceU 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺. No different than the terrorism Ukraine carried out since 2014 on the civilians of Donbas and Lugansk, including the recent missile strikes on a hospital and residential buildings. Ofc Russia should be there

Ukraine banning opposition media/parties, jailing dissident journalists and opposition politicians, persecuting Orthodox churches that do not follow the govt-approved politics and theological position. The very recent attack on the Novoaidar hospital in Lugansk, and many more…

@DavidTBTaylor @km11PJS1 @ClarkeMicah No, it can mean literally anything - Ukraine reaching Sea of Azov, pushback in Lugansk... anything. And there will be no peace. Only ceasefire, until Russia rebuilds itself again. But ceasefire will come after success or failure of either of offensives.

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