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@Otto_English The Brexiteers are so so obsessed about the 🤡. He’s the only one they want to lead the country even though he SPIED on them, failed to deliver on small boats, took the piss out of them on Covid, took Russian money and now wants Ukraine to join the EU. Yet they still LOVE ❤️ HIM

@WarClandestine @elonmusk @FBI @DHSgov My Dear Clandestine World is Cosmic drama powered by Me I AM Bliss the Consciousness I Create Nurture Destroy countless universes and galaxies at will All Living beings are Soul consciousness born of Me My Child see this pic forget Ukraine Russia US can point Earth on it? #Love

upset this am. Please thank you for helping us get a little break with all the smiles and cheer today that we seen, and keep the prayers and good thoughts for all the souls in the Ukraine, and the homeless animals. Smiles help reduce the stress, and LOVE makes you better.

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