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@RhondaH59084819 @Jersey_Girl1965 @WonkBalrog @realDonJTru1 What's Wrong With YOU? WE PAID OUR TAXES WE DESERVE THE HELP!!! What has Ukraine done for the USA? THIS IS NOT SOCIALISM. You need to study Political Philosophy.

@POTUS THIS is what we’re concerned with as a nation. THIS? Under Biden we have: 💩 record inflation 💩 record crime 💩 skyrocketing fuel prices 💩 billions going to Ukraine instead being reinvested in America (to make us better fit to actually HELP other nations. 💩💩💩💩💩💩

@AlexKokcharov So Nazi like actions, Biolabs and sex trafficking are all fine until America says otherwise? cause America alone has invaded 172+ counties under the false claim of aid while they raped the land and abused the people in every county they "HELP" What Hypocrisy Ukraine is no Victim!

We’re About To Undertake Dangerous Missions To Evacuate Animals In The Path Of Russia’s Imminent New Invasion Of Ukraine! TIME IS SHORT. WE MUST ACT IMMEDIATELY. Please, HELP TODAY! #DonateNow

@ZelenskyyUa you're a great president! Help us on the way! No Nation can't touch Ukraine land or take anything away from it,;the land belongs to Ukraine. President Putin will be arrested for war crimes and taking to the International Justice Court in Netherlands very shortly.

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