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🇺🇦Ukraine is a synonym for FREEDOM. 🇺🇦

787 air raid alarms in Kyiv have ring since the introduction of Martial law. 'You become stronger on one more and closer to the victory of #Ukraine. These are the messages I got from city council app in my cellphone. Kyiv is the capital of Freedom. Freedom is our religion.

@chemosh933 @boorad1234 @KateMac30770574 @CanEvangelical @ClarkeMicah One of the clearest bellwethers for the error of Ukraine attacking Crimea is this guy He's been absolutely relentless all though the war in repeating all of Ukraine's most extreme demands, filtered through a lens of "USA! USA! We're number one! Freedom!!"

@Ukraine Remember Freedom is Freedom from those who manipulate Freedom is Tyranny...Union Soldiers 1863🇺🇸

@IamBohhi @dima7b Whatever you guys decide to rename the station will be better than “south”. I personally like the Freedom station others have suggested, but it is totally up to the Ukrainian people! Whatever you guys decide will be perfect! Power on, lovely Ukraine! 💙💛

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