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@MeidasTouch When you say nazi does it make you feel better?? We all know who the real nazis are! The democrats ALWAYS blame others for what they themselves are actually doing, so this is no different. Our tax dollars have been going to Ukraine nazis. The videos are EVERYWHERE

@SlavaUk30722777 We from the West will come if Ukraine promises one thing. Don't hurt us. Don't abandon Ukrainian language. Let its sweet voice live on the streets, in shops, in restaurants, EVERYWHERE. Kyiv too. And then we will invest Forever. @ZelenskaUA @lesiavasylenko @DefenceU @KpsZSU

@Gerashchenko_en Fascism appears where: regime willing to exploit it (w. freedom restrictions) for own interests + poor social conditions (discontent). Hence it can appear EVERYWHERE. Yes, also in EU, US... Ukraine... Do not fool ourselves. Democracy and freedom need CONSTANT protection.

@samtsungjr @magichourtrave1 I’m descended from Ashkenazi Jews. You really think I’d support Nazis? The Azov argument is so boring. It’s a small regiment of a couple of thousand volunteers, and includes Russian nationals too. It certainly doesn’t represent Ukraine or its people. EVERYWHERE has Nazis.

We love to ride the reputation of being a country with such a multicultural outlook while simultaneously simultaneously bifurcating coverage as “Canadian & American” vs. “Everywhere else” (with the exception of fleeting moments as in the Ukraine invasion)

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