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Iran helping Pak with Kamikaze drones against BLA? Dozen militants killed in Balochistan #drone #DRONES https://t.co/eFFVTfD5JK After Ukraine, Iran's Kamikaze drones have reportedly entered Pakistan. Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) claimed nine of its men were killed.

@WallStreetSilv Have you seen the amazing amount of money sent to Ukraine? Drones are $5 at 5 below...$1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 buys alot of Drones... https://t.co/37mIKG4Rcd

Belgium Announces Mobile Laboratories, Underwater Drones for Ukraine: Report - The Defense Post https://t.co/H1e1KmHAm7

Drone footage : Russian Soldiers Hit by Ukrainian Munitions Dropped grenades from Drones #war #news #Russia #Ukraine #ukrainenews https://t.co/R5uzmlb9jb

@SeamusORegan Why has the Russian Embassy NOT been shut down?? Taxpayers have sent to Ukraine over $3 BILLION dollars, along with equipment, bought them ammunition, Drones and paid men to train Ukrainians. Russia started this war government has not sent them packing yet why?

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