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@Charlie85748663 @CROAT56 @Nick_Marseil The development team is in Ukraine, building the encoding, apps, etc. They also have engineers deploying servers, patches etc using remote access to data centers across the world, from a bomb shelter. I'd say they have some bad ass Devs 🥰

@wd_zty @stalker_thegame It's crazy that gsc is not even taking russian money for Ukraine especially since that was their audience and player base but it's also disgusting to black mail devs to do something they don't want to do its saddening

@SamFisher8557 @stalker_thegame Kiss my red white and blue ass vatnik shill~ Putler is attempting genocide in Ukraine and the *Ukrainian* game devs are understandably upset about being blackmailed by Russians to sell their game in Russia. Slava Ukraini and fuck fascists 🇺🇦

@Venturian628 The game is funded by Russian government sympathizers, the devs non-committal stance on the current ongoings of the invasion of Ukraine, vaguely racist caricatures, and more I'm sure nothing OUT there out there but enough for me to not really care to buy it

@beanedsprouts TLDR: Devs are Russian, are taking a "no politics" stance regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the themes of the game may be Russian propaganda.

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