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@bhovan Destroyed Libya, attempted regime change in Syria, let Victoria Nuland loose in Ukraine, bombed/drone bombed Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, etc. He is a war criminal and traitor to his African ancestors.

@nastasiaKlimash @MedvedevRussiaE @elonmusk Ukraine is Destroyed beyond Repair it will take years to Fix it ! So Russia 🇷🇺 already won ! Thank for this the Corrupt Zelensky the American puppet and the NATO fools who were Antagonizing Russia fur 8 years ! He was Install there in 2014 by the CIA

@UAWeapons Ukraine 🇺🇦 so Destroyed beyond repair ! Russia 🇷🇺 Already Won ! Zelensky is An American puppet . Biden’s and George Soros boy !

@Omniscient888 @Sigmund_Fellaud @thesiriusreport What was their objetive? Kyiv in 3 days? Zminy Island? Destroyed Ukrainian Air defence? Well.. situation for Russia is worse and worse by those first days. They lose more and more. NATO is still not participating in this war not even a bit. Ukraine will win this war. 💪🇺🇦✌️

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