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@protecths @LunoGlobal Picture listening to a pussy with a Ukraine flag in his name. Crypto will be fine you continue to be broke you should go fight for Ukraine

@MarioNawfal More people's Crypto accounts is blocked in Russia and Ukraine. And this peoples lost its money. How can withdrawal this money from Binance or another blocked accounts?

unusual_whales In our latest video, we examined how #Crypto is impacting the war in #Ukraine and how it's creating…

WIREX card will arrive, so I can use Crypto currency for card payment anywhere from now on. send funds directly to card from MetaMask. I'm blaming from Ukraine, so I can't use a bank.This is great help for us! #BSC #cryptocurrecy #BTC #USDT #bitcoin

@basedkarbon Crypto is full of selfish asshats? Imagine my shock. Ukraine is getting aid in the form of weapons and this fox bozo probably thinks Biden just sends Zelensky billions via PayPal

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