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@JacobChapman247 @briannalyman2 Do you see my point that if the UN wanted more power they would have let Ukraine and some other nations in? Crypto is a new thing that is risky and always was that's a common sense thing you know.

@unusual_whales He conspired with the US government & Ukraine to funnel tax money through FTX into politicians pockets, he should burn along with those politicians. SBF is a cog in much bigger deception & theft. Crypto didn’t fail, centralization did, the same centralization that fails us daily.

@technogaijin @AFP @EvelDick maybe because he’s working for #CIA to control #Ukraine️ war, destroy #Crypto… and wait for it… #Twitter is next

@zerohedge That's a contradiction. He openly admits Dems are laundering money thru Ukraine and Crypto, while stating he doesn't know how they could or why they would. If that's his quote, word for word.

Ukraine-based #Blockchain firm blasts 'fake news' for #Crypto donation rumors amid FTX collapse - Cointelegraph

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