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@ChangingMarkets What's fuelling the CONFLICT in Ukraine = Vampire Parasite States of American hegemony. Who was it gave them $5 BILLION to foment the Maidan & Odessa massacres, & foment a regime change? Who led the ethnic cleansing of the Russian speaking Ukrainians for EIGHT YEARS? NOT RUSSIA

🇺🇦Plan for students affected by the Conflict in Ukraine. 💰Grants for students admitted to @unicomplutense for 2022-23 academic year. 🗓️Deadline for applications: 30/10/2022 ℹ️🔗

Biden and Herzog Discuss Iran's Aid to Russia in the Conflict in Ukraine #news #riskmap

Review the history of the Conflict Ukraine and Russia | Ukraine On Fire 2016 Documentary | Russian Aggression or American Interference?

The #US Has Means, Will to Support #Ukraine in Conflict With #Russia The US has the means & the will to support Ukraine in the ongoing conflict with Russia, Joe Biden said When asked whether the US has the means & the will to support Ukraine, @POTUS stated, "Yes" #Sputnik

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