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New post: Weaponized Cybercrime, What Organizations Can Learn from the Conflict in Ukraine

Zelensky knows he is losing Big time in his Conflict with Russia. There is no end to his lying. He has already Destroyed Ukraine and it’s Economy. The fact of the matter is that Ukraine can’t survive without getting Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in Financial Aid from US.

🇺🇦Plan for students affected by the Conflict in Ukraine. 💰Grants for students admitted to @unicomplutense for 2022-23 academic year. 🗓️Deadline for applications: 30/10/2022 ℹ️🔗

@angela4LNCChair The propaganda is set up for people(?) for them to make money off of the war in Ukraine. The Conflict between Saudi Arabia and Yemen does not benefit the ones making money off of war.

@mitica_g @Longhairleeroy @DanielLyddek @nexta_tv >Any country that supplies arms and money to Ukraine is a PARTY IN THE CONFLICT This is absolutely 100% incorrect according to history and int'l norms. Spanish Civil War, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc. In Korea and Vietnam the Soviets supplied huge amounts of weapons.

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