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Cammack says FEMA resources are being directed elsewhere. She complains of the $1.8b funding to care for unaccompanied CHILDREN at the border and the $12b aid to Ukraine. She NEVER mentions the $18.8b allocated to FEMA for disaster relief. She voted NO.

@Cernovich Russia raped, tortured, and murdered CHILDREN. Ukraine is a democracy that wants to join the EU and be a good citizen. Ukraine is improving. Russia is deteriorating. Why are you on their side and wanting to let the wolves devour Europe?

@ADyslexicFroggy @patsyuchka @ZelenskyyUa @elonmusk Do you even understand what you are saying? Are we Nazis? Did Ukraine invade the territory of another sovereign state? Are we raping CHILDREN in the occupied territories? You are clearly delighted with what Hitler did in the 1940s if you consider it normal what real scum do

@Cernovich @ZelenskyyUa @elonmusk #Cernovich: is that German? Remove the log from your own eye before the thistle from your neighbor. How many CHILDREN have been killed by #AdolfPutin in #Ukraine? Murdered by indiscriminate rockets, turning cities to rubble What is a FILTRATION CAMP & do you support them too?

@mattgaetz The better idea…why don’t YOU move to Ukraine and stop trafficking CHILDREN???

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