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@ninaturner What's our Ukraine budget? Housing 5 million illegals... Get your priorities right!!! Charity begins at home

TY for sending resources to the State of PR, Dominican Rep + Ukraine & others around the globe that need USA Help. We are an IMMIGRANT NATION that CARES this is our core stripes! FREEDOM to CARE not war, not corrupt legal battles. CHARITY is LOVE! #USA #USA_cares #PR

✅ Played 6h on #1 and #2 with Shaman ✅ £200 raised for Ukraine 🇺🇦 and Pakistan 🇵🇰 Thanks so much to everyone who supported the Charity stream And thanks so much to @decappeal as always for you amazing work in these countries 💪 More details below!

Are we still sending money to Ukraine? Cuz I bet if we were in the same situation as them they wouldn't send a dime to help us out. Why does the US have to be a Charity foundation every time there's something happening in the world? Wonder why this Country is in so much debt 😏

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