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@maxkeiser @nayibbukele @thebtcmag They would have used the 12 billion this week that went to Ukraine for no reason but embezzlement at the highest levels, and bought Bitcoin.

Leaders are losing power. They know that. That’s why they’re trying to throw the World into War. Change the money, change the world. They know #Bitcoin is powerful and decentralizes everything. Bringing ALL People of the #World to a level playing field #USA #Russia #Ukraine #NATO

@The_Real_Fly Ukraine is said to have $2.6+ Billion in Bitcoin also capable of being a low cost Bitcoin miner with it's nuclear power plants.

Do You like Bitcoin ❣️ here i am also a Bitcoin trader 💗 #hackers #CHENinBKK #Ukraine #지구에서년지성아환영해 #Bitcoin #ElonMusk #الخميس_الونيس #Putin #RussiaInvadedUkraine #ร้านพี่โชคหมูกระทะเปิดแล้ว #Russia #CHENinBKK @elonmusk @binance @Bitcoin @Bitcoin @cz_binance @BTCTN

@AriDavidPaul Bitcoin fights dictators by ending cantillon leverage, in which Ukraine is a conduit. Kyiv and Brussels are no less a dictatorship than Moscow. Russian annexation of Russian-speaking former provinces wouldn't be worth spilling an ounce of fuel over on a Bitcoin standard.

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