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@SBF_FTX Your scheme to launder US taxpayer money for Ukraine back into donations for the democrats has been seen through. Oh, and your girlfriend was certainly no Beauty

1. This is a clip of my song “Age and Beauty.” For this #BandcampFriday, BUY MY MUSIC ON #BANDCAMP ( I’m donating 100% of sales to @SurvivorMitzvah’s emergency fundraiser to help elderly Jewish #Holocaustsurvivors, without fuel/heat, in war-torn Ukraine.

This world is full of Beauty. You just need to notice it.❤️‍🔥 #Ukraine #india #ThisIsNotAnExcuse #world #twitter #love #follow #지구에서년지성아환영해 #Bhediya #Canada

There is something firm, Something arousing envy. Ukraine - Greatness and Beauty. Something draws only disgust. blyarus is dirty, muscovy is passing away. Shame is catching up some others. Evil can't be whitewashed. The Earth is tired of scum. Hope is calling, take your Step.

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