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@andreysitnik @BohdanaNeborak Every russian is obliged to realize what a huge damage Kremlin‘s regime (inkl. army) is causing to #Ukraine and worldwide (thousands of dead, crippled, homeless; upcoming hunger, inflation etc.). And then ask themselves what are they going to do about it?! #StopPutin #visaban

@davidnicol16 @melaniejoly @iamIqraKhalid The only relations they're worried about is Ukraine so they make sure they have a place to send all our tax dollars so they can launder them to the globalists the UN and the future Army that will take us out later and not for lunch

At this time whole Russia Army is demoralized...The Ole Wiz cast a spell of sadness over the entire Army...This is why Russia has no luck at all...Russia is in a time loop of doom and gloom...chasing their own tail...trying to keep up with Ukraine to engage for the final knockout

Georgia troops return after deploying amid war in Ukraine STEWART, Ga. (AP) - More than 3,800 Army soldiers are returning home to Georgia five months after their rapid deployment to Europe after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Several hundred troops arriv...

@Crownin12272749 @WarMonitor3 I read about a Russian Young man who joined the Army to fight against Ukraine. His mom begged him not to. He had 4 days of military training (FOUR!), and was sent of to war. He was killed the next Day.

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