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@JuanMSaborio2 As I suspected, you wouldn't read it. Not even a slight hint of quid pro quo. He was making a legitimate attempt to have his AG talk to their AG about Biden family crime. You'll also note his sincere commitment to supporting Ukraine. I spent more time in the Army than he did.

@JoJoFromJerz No he is a former Officer in the Army who tried to parley a long term job in the Ukraine. Fact. But you people are blind to it because you have bought the crap hook line and sinker. It’s all coming out that’s why Vindman is coming out to talk trash.

@roberteckart @Balkanomic @Jack_Watling The 700,000 is the rest of the pre-war Army stretched over 12 time zones, from the Pacific Coast all the way to the borders Ukraine & Finland and they have the untrained conscripts coming onboard. Irrespective of how Russia ends up in this conflict, Russia is going to collapse.

Consequences of trying to transition from guerrilla to conventional Army mid-war. Ukraine is firing so many barrages its artillery pieces are breaking down

@RUkrainerescue Hey fellas, I’m looking for a way to contact and join you guys in Ukraine. I’d really appreciate if you PM me so you can tell me how to join you. I grew up in and at a NATO compound so my English ist absolutely good enough and I served for the Army. Thanks in advance

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