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@Ukraine Enemies of Pakistan will infiltrate the Army by introducing a virus or chemical in the food of Pakistan Army. This will make the army paralysed and vulnerable to attacks. This food is reserve Money and Fuel. Muhammad Qasim Dreams

Army major and doctor wife charged in plot to give U.S. military medical info to Russians to help in war against Ukraine

RUSI: the lesson of Ukraine is we should massively expand the Army Reserves:

@FTusa284 What actually is the Army requirement? We have a new CGS with his own vision of where he see’s the Army’s role today and in the future. If we are to learn anything from Ukraine it’s that without supported combined arms we would struggle.

@jmann2006 @gunzoned @Hyhshs10 @hedgefundsrati1 @GeromanAT Perhaps you better keep more eye out then, and stop following one side. How many battles has Ukraine won? Who are the second most powerful army in Europe? They have lost their original Army and it's equipment, soon they'll loose this NATO Train army.

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