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Overheard on #Kipsala Beach in #Riga from a 50-60yo Russian speaking man "There is no respect for Russians in #Latvia any more, we came here to help and built this country but Army is busy in Ukraine so cannot save us now" and ranted about the Uzvaras removal as well.

@kapycta5780 @GoncharenkoUa “Russia is beating Ukraine” LMFAO :DDDDD sEcOnd bEsT ArMY oF tHe W0rLD Why you use Western products then idiot? Jezus u so stupid fuck

FANTASY BBC report - Wishing it was happening 🤡 Ukraine 🇺🇦 Kherson will be captured in weeks - by an imaginary 1m strong Army!

20 mln USD, which were crowdfunded by 🇺🇦 people for purchase of Bayraktar drones, graciously gifted by Baykar for free later, were spent for purchase of so needed for 🇺🇦Army satellite! #Ukraine #UkraineWar #UkraineWillWin

@golub Maybe to defeat TERRORISTS, unfortunately we may have to act like Terrorists! Sometimes political discussions are not just enough..Time is now to Play Dirty and be ruthless, unforgiving, as sad as it sounds. This is not an Army Ukraine is against, it's a Machine of Destruction

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