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@PhillipsPOBrien How about the Russian war of Aggression against Ukraine

@AgnesCallamard @amnesty By saying that the UAF are putting their forces in civilian areas you are giving the RAF all the reason they need to attack all civilian areas in the Ukraine. This is not impartial . You have no evidence that is verifiable. You cannot claim independence. You support Aggression

.@antonioguterres UN must prepare world to Nuclear Armed Ukraine at Peace conceding soil to new soviet. New Start Treaty about to recognize Iran Threshold Nation shall set forth, the liberties the Iranian people shall be provided with, Aggression is Nuclear Proliferation.

War is not a movie you damn children. Every. War. Is. A. War. Of. Aggression. Every. War. Involves. An. Invasion. That's how war works. Regardless of how you feel about Ukraine these arguments are stupid because it's literally how sides define EVERY WAR IN THE HISTORY OF EVER

@IlyaMatveev_ Ukraine as Israel are victims of multiple Aggression by their neighbours. Your comparison is weird.

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