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@ZelenskyyUa @jonasgahrstore I'm happy for Ukraine! Grateful to the Norwegians! Now that's good news!

@ZelenskyyUa @jonasgahrstore This man lives in cuckoo land. You'll never rid the Russians from Ukraine; so either get ready to flea to the US or get ready to give up half of Ukraine to Russia. @ZelenskyyUa @olena_zelenska

@BorisJohnson @bohdan_andrich @ZelenskyyUa I understand that you need their support now but don’t trust them. If USA and GB doesn’t need Ukraine for their own strategic goals they’ll stop their support immediately.

@estratocumulos @jonasgahrstore @ZelenskyyUa I firmly believe that the Russo-Ukraine war is a war of self-defense for Russia The Ukrainian leader is just a clown

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