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@ZelenskyyUa @POTUS We hope you too can soon have your own Independence Day from the Russian’s!! And very very soon! Much ❤️❤️❤️ to 🇺🇦 Ukraine from the US🇺🇸

@ZelenskyyUa @POTUS Mr. President, I am praying for you and your fellow countrymen, women and children. May you stay strong and steadfast in your efforts to rid Ukraine of the evil that has attacked you. God be with you all. 🙏 🌻

Truly brilliant visionary speech by @ZelenskyyUa about #Russia's war on European and Democratic values why he destroys educational health residential facilities and what the future of #Ukraine should look like how Ukraine made the @EU and @NATO stronger https://t.co/33oGgmIDXt

@avbauwel @ZelenskyyUa @jensstoltenberg @vonderleyen @BBCWorld @BBCBreaking @EU_Commission @RussEmbDhaka @cnnbrk Ukraine had everything to stand on her own feet. now it has nothing. West's Russophobia cost them dearly. this clown n the one b4 him were used in hope for banana they wud never get. they cud hv bcome stronger than germany. this lady @vonderleyen never wanted n is into it wt US

Hang in there #Ukraine & ⁦@ZelenskyyUa⁩!! That stop sign you see in the back is extra power to stop #Russia aggression. Keep fighting!! Never give up!! #democracy #freedom #usa https://t.co/u0bt3eVUTc

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