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@JustinTrudeau @ZelenskyyUa Of course Zelenskyy talked about his "financial needs." I don't support funding Ukraine. My support is FAR from unwavering and millions in Canada agree. You loser. Worst prime minister in the history of Canada, and it's not even close.

@MerianneJensen @POTUS You didn’t know? Just like his plans to launder money through Ukraine with Zelenskyy. He has had good conversations with the virus about when and what to do. At exactly. 12 AM the convid virus will lose all its power, and become the common cold again. https://t.co/0bVyAsNe1J

@dmitry_gordon Putin is one of the only mature leaders in the World today. He tried to end this war before it started but now we know that Merkel was lying and Zelenskyy was lying and all were deceivers. Now Ukraine will be wiped off the face of the earth for those deceptions and rightly so.

Biden to meet Zelenskyy to mull over Kyiv's latest requests for advanced weaponry to defend Ukraine against Russia https://t.co/I3osLqPWyh

Ukraine war: Heavy fighting in Donetsk, Moscow's 'big revenge', fighter jets for Ukraine https://t.co/8TCtp37Bry "Oleksiy Symonenko was sacked on 25 January, as part of a series of dismissals initiated by Zelenskyy following a corruption case involving army supplies.

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