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@TimRunsHisMouth You can't make peace with someone who wants to take your land and keep murdering your ppl. Zelensky wants his country back, like every normal nationalistic leader. If you are pro America First you should know, for a Ukraine it is Ukraine First. We should have some understanding

@elonmusk I'm totally agree With What you say. Ukraine Will never win the war. Negociations are necessary or there will be thousand or even millions more deaths. And Poutine or Zelensky don't care about their People.

Elon Musk is widely criticised for insensitive tweet about Ukraine: Even Zelensky responded! https://t.co/nh37R4jhtO

#ElonMusk is widely criticised for insensitive tweet about #Ukraine: Even #Zelensky responded! https://t.co/w5XUVwcEPQ

Ukraine news latest- Zelensky vows he’ll never negotiate with Putin, as Ukrainian forces destroy 31 Russian tanks https://t.co/32xK6b8Dt4

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