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@Sc_Meerkat @kamilkazani Zelensky (I advice, and my president Jokowi also advice him) doesn't want to admit Ukraine defeat. Zelensky still have a window to negotiate & sideline again Russia back to Rus line border. Before too late. & not enabling Putin. Read again carefully https://t.co/UoOJiscHdb

@lewis_goodall Leadership in Ukraine by... Johnson? I am confused. I thought it was led by a guy called Zelensky, himself a former comedian. But the similarity ends there, of course.

@davybeer @AlexKane221b @JamieBrysonCPNI Ukraine need any help they can get and Johnson has spent as much time at Russian oligarchs & kgb bunga bunga parties that he should have useful intel for Zelensky. I’m sure Putin has plenty of compromat on filthy, drunken BJ and has stuffed his pockets with rubles down the years

@MykhailoMykhai3 @UKRINFORM Stupid shortsightedness only gets you into a dead end. President Zelensky is correct; with the massive Russian destruction of Ukraine's cities and civilian infrastructure, up to date refuse processing plants will go a long way to protect Ukraine's, air, water and soil.

@robredotruthe @tommedersfriend @shashj You believe any source that shows Russian losses, yet can't find a trustworthy source for Ukraine? The reason they keep them hidden is rather obvious... Anyways zelensky said ukr is suffering 200 deaths every day and at least 1k between injured and killed. That's pretty high.

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