Zelensky - Ukraine Tweets

@robb_cd @KurtSchlichter They'll just setup some ponzi scam like FTX and funnel money to Ukraine which Zelensky will donate back to them.

@SenTedCruz Ted Cruz is so right in what he's saying, I don't think that there's another President and government who have gone through as much of the publics money as this one, how much was laundered through Ukraine, what does Zelensky know about Biden that they want kept secret.

@ConspiracyBull1 It's been in a constant state of "starting" for all of the last 11 months, roughly. And, literally everything Ukraine, the US or any NATO country does is escalation, no matter how trivial. Biden wiped his ass? escalation. Zelensky took a nap? escalation!!!

@LOVEandCATS4GOP That will be the end of Ukraine as a country. NATO won’t intervene if Russia uses nuclear weapons against Ukraine, they won’t risk a nuclear winter for Zelensky.

@RT_com Russia is responsible. Russia is invading Ukraine Russia is committing Ukrainian genocide Stop invading Ukraine & you can quit complaining about Zelensky, arms manufacturers, whether or not you can get good Italian espresso in Moscow

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