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When Zelensky extended sanctions to Yemen - when there was an outcry in #Ukraine against? NEVER because Ukraine live with their heads up their asses hating #Russia and Ukraine has never been interested in help other countries.

European Union : #Ukraine are going to save Yemen from starvation - really? you can come to the jungle and kiss my ass — Zelensky by decree extended sanctions on Yemen because Ukraine's lackeys as those in Haiti help West to screw not only #Russia any country

@Jayecane Hello. Thank you. But I think that you should pay more attention to the countries that are less developed and are at war or revolution because they are fighting on two fronts of poverty and real war.same @iran @Ukraine @Yemen @Afghanistan and ...

And why does the actor Zelensky without a political/activist past not ask his EU, UK, Canadian and American bosses to lift sanctions on Yemen (since 2014) and stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia? —His balls are not as big as #Ukraine's grains (?)

@hamish_keith Narrative influencers are very selective Note the Ukraine outrage compared to Yemen 💥

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