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@Ali99353279 Hi….. What is happening in Ukraine and Yemen is the same as what happened in Egypt in the October battle. Thank you

@MikkeMus8 @aaishwar @WarAround @Joyce_Karam Grow up buddy. Use brains. USA nonsensely started war with these: Iraq Syria Libya Yemen And now the responsible for Ukraine crises is USA. Biggest contributor.

@JimmyJOhhh @JoeBiden Actually Biden suggested unfreezing AFGHANISTAN’s assets to pay the 9/11 victims n families. A country not responsible for 9/11 while we’re selling weapons to the country where 15 of the 19 hijackers came from who are currently killing more ppl in Yemen than Russia in Ukraine 🤨

@LindaBedaf @Exusnx And I am so incredibly fed up with people who claim they want to stop wars and then openly support the perpetrators of the war in Iraq, civil war in Libya and many more. A country that supports the genocide in Yemen and were instrumental in provoking the Russians in Ukraine

I am sad now that the protest of Mahsa Amini is still going on while the issue of Zainab Khazali, the children of Palestine, Yemen & Syria, even the women & Hazara of Afghanistan are in a state of silence. This is not a joke about Israel & Ukraine. The world is full of vices.

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