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WATCH: Erdoğan rejects taking sides in Russia-Ukraine war #shorts via @YouTube If your going to reach a conclusion maybe we should use as reference the prosecutorial practices used in the Syria, Libya Iraq, Afganistán, Yemen, & Yugoslavia cases!

I want to share this video of my buddy Pete Reed who was killed yesterday on the frontlines of Bakhmut, Ukraine while volunteering as a medic. I met him in Mosul in 2016. After Iraq, his convictions pushed him to save many lives in Yemen, and more recently Ukraine.

@dwilliam9940 Do we really need a 3rd world war? This guy is nothing but a war monger we went to war with Afghanistan and we failed to win the war now the Taliban are back in power after 20 years of war with Afghanistan Iraq Syria Libya Yemen you name it now Ukraine is fighting their dirty war

@Oti09280470 Wow imagine the outrage if you change Yemen to Ukraine

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