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@LAKings @ontarioreign @byfield55 @Andrelee71 @AkilThomas2 Historic oppty as Russian hockey is collapsing(Russian invasion of Ukraine) 10,000s of players, 1000s of coaches, trainers, experts can be acquired in US to seed & improve complete hockey ecosystem Could improve 1000s of high schools, colleges, youth clubs, minor leagues, Womens

Poland’s version of democracy is far to the right of Ukraine’s. Freedom of speech? An independent judiciary? Women’s right to choose? A multi ethnic society? Yes, a common vision security. But values, not so much.

Politicians LEECHES take vote advantage of vulnerable LAZY womens Talking about others of their private life & media promo against INTELLECTUAL Men's,SICK WOMEN'S disgusting trends r FROM INDIA,NYNJ&US,Ukraine,AB-CA,Mexico,Phili,Africa mainly christians &IT public corps scammers

Judicial Misconducts are by SICK, LAZY womens Talking about others of their private life & media promoting against INTELLECTUAL Men's, these SICK WOMEN'S disgusting trends r FROM INDIA,NYNJ&US,Ukraine,AB-CA,Mexico,Philippines,Africa etc.mainly christians &IT public corps scammers

@TetyanaWrites What a brave young woman! Women's right activist are silent in the USA as women in Ukraine, Iran & Palestine are fighting for freedom. Why? Too busy advocating for 2nd & 3rd term abortions; kids having sex changes before puberty; vilifying people of color-White. USA has gone wild

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