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@Apex_WW No one is protecting "Ukraine" but the Ukrainians themselves. The West just needs to give Ukrainians the "tools" to defeat Pooty & his Orc hordes- at a fraction of actual Western (especially US) defense budgets

@talkrealopinion I suspect the UAF is in very rough shape. The lies have been from Western media declaring Ukraine is winning for the last 12 months.

"Instead, Russia is stuck with Ukraine in a stalemate war of attrition, a drained military, Western sanctions, and a worsening of its relationship with China as its top strategic partner."

John Kirby, #US🇺🇸 National Security Council spokesman, has said the White House supports #Poland’s🇵🇱 decision to provide #Ukraine🇺🇦 with MiG fighter jets, which #Kyiv has been asking of its Western partners. https://t.co/Dd4FKkmAMu

@phildstewart If we let him have Ukraine, maybe he can then take Poland, and at long last liberate the German people from their occupation of Western liberal democracy and freedom. It's not like the #MAGAMorons in Congress would suggest we stop him.

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