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Amid heightened tensions surrounding Taiwan, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine on Wednesday stressed the importance of Chinese neutrality over the war in his country as Russia finds itself increasingly isolated by the West https://t.co/hyVBFjL6Io

United States Nancy Pelosi visit to Taiwan is to assure the support of the West. Taiwan should learn from Ukraine and not make the same mistake, they should rather seeks diplomatic solutions and avoid a cold war with China. The world doesn't need another war!

@boorad1234 @Rod__Mason @jeremycorbyn I get what you're saying - we don't disagree really at all. The West is using Ukraine as an excuse to spend money reducing Putins millitary and to embaress him to destabilise Russia. I get that. He'd do the same to us if he could

@russf @Oknowuk @KyivIndependent Ha ha of course he needs to support from the West and he is getting it in buckets and spades. Time for NATO boots on the ground in Ukraine and give Zelensky proper support. #RussiaIsnotATerroristState

@spriteer_774400 The bus is coming and Elensky will be thrown under it. When Ukraine is defeated it will all be Elensky’s fault and the West will just disappear into the shadows. If he survives 2022 I will be surprised. Russia wants him alive, the Nazis and the US, not so much.

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