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Top story: @sumlenny: 'THREAD Let's start a long thread about how Russian book market prepared Russians for a full-scale war against Ukraine, NATO, the West, and promoted stalinism and nazism, and how this was ignored b… https://t.co/nEq1aMu1lV, see more https://t.co/lRADO1vhxk

@KyivIndependent The West has screwed Ukraine. We did enough to say we did something. It’s Hitler all over. Putin took Crimea, we wagged a finger. Now this. What happens during Putin’s next land grab?

One of many reasons why the war in Ukraine dwarfs any other issue currently. There are huge, huge problems coming if the West doesn't do more to stop Putin.

Aiden Aslin went to Syria when he was 21 years old as a 'mercenary' in 2025 at the height of the Syrian conflict. Then he went to the Ukraine in 2018 when he was 24 and as the West was in the process of destabilising that country Why do I think he is a Security Services asset?

@SPIEGEL_English It seems the entire West is just waiting for Ukraine to be defeated while putting on a macabre show of support. They give just enough weapons to ensure Ukraine loses slowly. #ArmUkraineNow

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