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#Russia announced a #specialmilitaryoperation after being left with no other means to make it clear to the West that it is engaging in criminal activity by dragging #Ukraine into #NATO, by coddling and doting on a neo-Nazi regime. . #Ukraine Nazi #StopNaziUkraine . . . #Malvinas https://t.co/y5wXDDx3tX

@Weilian657 @justincbzz @cheryljune @ChristopherJM West can never give Ukraine enough weapons to make a difference because of logistics, training etc. Mariupol was “buying time”, didn’t prevent other major cities from falling. Soldiers can risk their lives if you expect a game changer soon otherwise it’s just a stupid decision.

@Reuters At the end of the day no one really cares about Ukraine. If anyone thought that the West is supporting Ukraine because it's the right/humanitarian thing to do then you are gonna be in for a BIG surprise

@RWApodcast No actually Ukraine and Zelensky do and the West that declared war on Russia.

The Italian newspaper Giornale calls on the West to stop supporting the losing Ukraine, and forcing it to sit at the negotiating table with Moscow, in order to avoid the worst consequences of the confrontation with Russia.

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