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Just to be clear, Russia’s nuclear blackmail was ALWAYS inevitable. Even if Ukraine & West would have rolled over, it eventually would have happened, as Putin would have invaded others. Much better for Ukraine & West to deal with it from a position of battlefield momentum.

“NATO policymakers should not bank on Moscow’s restraint.” Read Richard K. Betts on how the West can plan for a potential Russian nuclear attack against Ukraine. https://t.co/PhuwMcN5OC

@JuliaDavisNews Cannot list the times the West bent over backward to better ties with Russia. We fucking made Ukraine give up nukes to appease it! And what's this about colonialism? Didn't Russia colonize Siberia, Alaska, Central Asia and the Caucasus too? Why are they lecturing anyone?

@elonmusk It is a pity that democracy in the West has brought great people to the point that they have to endure the attacks of poor creatures from Ukraine (for whom he has done more than all the others combined) just because it is necessary (((

@DonaldJTrumpJr Russia wants to dismantle US in the end, so this is a war not only against Ukraine but against West, to take away our rights, freedoms, ect, because the existence of them threatens systems of dictators, you fool!

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